When you are first starting to learn how to read and write, you are first thought the alphabet – the foundation for everything you will ever read or write in your life. It is a simple construction, a group of letters that are here to help a beginner create something more with a few main pieces. Through life, you will learn a lot of different „alphabets“ and each one will help you learn to thrive in a certain field. This content marketing alphabet is here to do the same.

Any alphabet is here to remind us of the fundamental pieces that something is made of. Whether you are a beginner in content marketing or have some experience already, it’s never too late to go back to basics, especially in a fast-changing world of online marketing.

It’s appropriate that the most important term in content marketing also starts with the letter A – audience. After all, everything you do and create should be about the audience, trying to reach them and communicate with them.

Everything you create online falls under the same category – content. These days, you have to be as creative as possible with your content, since there are more than 2 million new pieces of content published every day. The most popular still and something majority of content marketers is using every day, is blogging. Having a simple blog on your website opens so many options – from social sharing to blogger outreach and guest blogging.

It’s always smart to be organized and plan ahead for the content you will create and publish on your website or blog. That’s best done using an editorial calendar where you can come up with a schedule for your content, that can be created in several different forms: from the simple articles to dynamic content that is all about personalization and showing your audience what they really want to see. Infographics and videos have been popular over last few years and still get shared more than any other type of content across all social media channels.

This brings us to promotion and interactions on social media because content marketing is not only about creating amazing content – it’s also about promoting it, sparking conversations, and, in the end, through various steps of the marketing funnel, turning the target audience into paying customers. Hashtags, Facebook Followers, Q&A sites – just some of the social media channels that are great for joining in conversations and working on the marketing part of the term „content marketing“.

In the end, any content marketer can’t forget about web analytics and measure the success of each campaign, as well as thinking about retargeting and remarketing – either using old content or starting from the start.

This infographic was originally published on Point Visible.