If you’re using the cloud for your business, good for you.  It makes things easier and more accessible for your employees, and that means happier employees and more productivity.  But if you’ve been keeping up with recent news, you may be starting to have security concerns about the cloud.

Enter cloud access security broker tools.  While a cloud provider’s main focus is security, it always helps to have a backup layer of security.  Cloud access security broker tools allow you to have that extra layer of security without making access an issue for your employees.

Cloud access security broker tools provide security at multiple points.  They can encrypt data within the cloud to make it useless if it is accessed by the wrong person.  They can control traffic, only letting in those who have the proper permissions.  They can protect data downloaded to employees’ personal devices.  They can also identify other apps that are being used.

Security is important, but it’s more important to provide security measures that your employees can use easily.  Otherwise you may end up with employees who work around your security measures to make their lives easier.  Ease of use is the key to good security.  Learn more about cloud access security broker tools from this infographic.