Known as the home of all things web, San Francisco is one of the ultimate cities of the future every technology lover must get to know one day. The city is the fourth most populous in the state of California and the thirteenth most populous in the United States, but is also particularly crowded when it comes to technology companies and development facilities.

So you could say that San Francisco is a very popular tourist destination not only because of its rolling hills, eclectic population, cool summer fog or modern architecture with a flair of tradition… But also because it’s a unique place in the world for the geeks and nerds of the planet, who can get to know iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge or the cable cars alongside with the headquarters of companies like Apple or Google. With the tech giants displaying such a powerful presence in San Francisco, it’s not really surprising to see that the city is the eighteenth richest place in the world and the ninth in the United States. Yep, with the tech goodies come the big bucks!

And if you are a geek in urgent need of some physical exercise, you get to do fun outdoor activities at places like the National Recreation Area Golden Gate. And what about catching some sun at the Santa Cruz beaches? No, you will probably just end up going to Silicon Valley. Every single day! The region hosts several famous tech firms that have been growing since the 1950s. Many of these companies – Facebook, Altera, NVIDIA Corporation, AMD, Electronic Art, etc. – are now among the largest in the world and have also become San Francisco icons.

But enough of words, let’s skip to the infographic that will tell you more about San Francisco, but also about two other cities of the future.