Growing up, I was always told, “You can always be whatever you want to be when you grow up.” And, the simple instructions given to me were: go to college and pick a good major; graduate; and, tada! a job falls into your lap. Boy, were my parents not exactly right.

Competition for entry-level jobs in any field is relatively high, and sometimes a college education isn’t enough. In fact, 39% of employers world-wide feel that most college graduates do not possess the skills needed to successfully hold an entry-level position. And with an alarming 72% of institutions feeling they’re doing it right, perhaps perspectives on all fronts need to change.

The infographic featured below comes from Northeastern University’s Online MBA Program. It gives some interesting data and insightful tips to help readers determine how to find a college that is right for their career goals and ultimately the rest of their lives. Remember, it’s never too late to go to college and learn something new, but as money and time is limited, it’s certainly always wise to shop around and make sure that your education will get you to places you hope to go.