Infographics take complex, boring, or odd information and compile it in interesting and digestible formats. Instead of reading paragraphs of statistics, researchers can give readers a visual approximation of how many sodas the average person consumers in a year. For marketers, education enthusiasts, and others, infographics clarifies written information

If you’re interested in learning something in a way that minimizes stress and maximizes entertainment, check out these three infographics designed to transform a certain topic

  1. “The Rise of the Silver Surfers.” Using a play on words, this insurance company compiled information about internet usage in older adults. The results are fascinating. Older generations today are keeping up with trends in technology. Many people over 50 in Australia use the digital world to pay bills, shop, and connect with friends and loved ones. Instead of writing an article, the company was able to use a play on words to make internet usage statistics informative and entertaining

Creator: Apia Insurance

  1. “What You Could Do with an Extra Two Hours.” Many people crave more time. They want more time to exercise, work on their education, and spend time with family. This infographic uses visual cues to show people what they can do with as little as two extra hours. It emphasizes the true value of two hours’ worth of time and may make you stop to think about what you could do with an extra two. Infographics like this one do a great job of helping people slow down and prioritize activities during the day.


Creator: DOMO

  1. “Wonders of the Wizarding World.” Sometimes, framing a product can go a long way to show interested consumers how they can use something in daily life. Our infographic shares interesting facts about education in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We’ve also given educators some ideas for turning their own classrooms into a magical place for learning every day.

Whether you’re searching for new solutions or trying to learn something about the world around you, infographics serve as an entertaining and informational resource.