Effective leadership is paramount for any organization in today’s world.  As innovation and connectivity make the world more competitive than ever, leadership can be the determining factor in which organizations make it, and which don’t.  Good leadership can make or break an organization no matter what industry you’re in.  If a leader is lacking more than one of any of the key leadership attributes, teams will become unmotivated and productivity will suffer.

Characteristics of an Effective Leader

• honesty
• ability to delegate
• communication
• sense of humor
• confidence
• commitment
• positive attitude
• creativity
• ability to inspire
• intuition

Against the widely thought notion that you’re either born a leader or you’re not, leadership is something that everyone must work at to be more effective.  If you feel your leadership skills are lacking, make an effort to to focus on a few key areas:

• improve ability to motivate
• improve communication effectiveness
• set a good example
• encourage cooperation over competition
• develop a broader perspective
• share knowledge and expertise
• recognize when change is needed

Norwich University’s Online Masters in Organizational Leadership program researched and compiled data from across the internet to define the definition of a good leader, how to tell if you’re an effective leader, and provide a few ideas on how to become a better leader.

Checkout the infographic below to see the results!

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