CES is the biggest electronics show of the year, as thousands of brands clamour for attention as they unleash hordes of new and innovative products to the market.

This year, despite a record-breaking 1.87m square feet of exhibitor space available to showcase their wares, the main themes were not hardware. They were instead connectivity, apps and the cloud.

We partnered with Digitas and looked at over 330,000 online mentions about the show to produce this infographic below. Here are some of the key statistics we discovered:

  • Display was a driving force in conversation about TVs, with 35.9% of online TV buzz focusing on the display, with connectivity, apps and content driving a further 22.5%
  • Connectivity was a hot topic at CES, mostly due to cloud technologies, which was responsible for 41% of connectivity conversation. The rest was made up from mentions about NFC/RFID (26.1%), connected cars (19.4%) and connected homes (12.8%).
  • Though TVs hogged the limelight in online chat leading up to the show, during CES itself, mobile became a hotter topic. TV remained second, PCs and laptops third, tablets fourth, cars fifth, cameras sixth and home appliances in seventh.
  • We also picked up on 29,000 mentions from Europe, despite the US-centric show being held in Las Vegas, NV. Asia also generated 16,000, with other regions also joining in on the conversation.
  • Take a look below at the full infographic for more insights, which follows our last infographic on Thansgiving buzz: