CTIA, an international nonprofit trade association that has been involved with the wireless telecom industry since for close to 20 years has released a fascinating infographic that breaks down today’s wireless usage behavior among families. Some of the interesting statistics include:

  • 70% of children under 12 have used a mobile device, while 10% of children under one year of age have used a mobile device
  • The majority of children use tablets to play games
  • The average teenager sends 60 text messages per day
  • The average teenage girl sends 100 text messages per day
  • 23% of teenagers use social networks on their phones
  • There are 20,000 iPad apps that are designed with education for children in mind
  • Over 600 school districts in the United States replaced text books with tablets in the classroom
  • 72% of iTunes top selling educational apps are designed for preschoolers and elementary school students

The infographic draws data from a number of sources and also offers tips for parents to better manage their children’s wireless usage. Some of the tips include:

  • Use tools provided by wireless service providers to filter content and manage how your kids can access games, apps, and the Internet
  • Learn your smartphones’ built-in features that can help you manage how your kids use wireless devices
  • Educate yourself on how kids use wireless devices and services to develop the best rules for your family
  • Revise rules as kids grow up and wireless technology evolves. Rules for an 11-year-old may be different than for a 14-year-old
  • Teach your kids about responsible wireless use. They’ll be better prepared to use what they’ve learned at school or in their careers
  • Choose appropriate times for your child to use mobile devices, like after school or on weekends.

Parents interested in cell phone family plans can compare family cell phone plans using the criteria they feel will best suit their family’s wireless needs. Wireless technology is constantly evolving so it’s important that parents keep themselves educated in order to best help their children.

Source: CTIA

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