Imagine what the internet would be like without Twitter. While MySpace and Facebook are known as the two major sites for making social media and online engagement what it is today, it would be hard to imagine social media without Twitter.

Twitter currently has over 300 million users and is one of the most sought after sites for seeing what’s happening in the world as it happens. It’s also one of the most referenced sites in the world, as news media outlets, brands and celebrities of all sizes continually push their “@” names to gain more followers.

Yes, Twitter has completely changed the way we use the internet, engage with others around the world and also receive information online. It’s also quite amazing because this year marks ten years of Twitter being on the internet.

As mentioned earlier, celebrities have played a huge role in the massive growth of Twitter over the years. It would be tough to see Twitter being the massive powerhouse they are today if celebrities and brands around the world didn’t continually reference their own profile pages in hopes to increase their online following. At the same time, it’s never been so easy and effective for celebrities to instantly connect with such a massive audience all at one time — and for free no less!

Speaking of celebrities and Twitter, not only is the site going to celebrate 10 years online, they will also likely be celebrating their first user hitting the 10 million follower fan mark! To see a complete visual breakdown of the top accounts on Twitter, we can refer to a new infographic released from titled “The Top 100 Twitter Users of 2016” shown below.

With over 300 million users on the social network, it’s safe to say that celebrities are the most followed individuals on the network. Many of them have double, triple or even ten times more followers than many of the top brands and television networks in the world today. You can see a listing of the top ten most-followed accounts on Twitter below.

  1. Katy Perry (80 million)
  2. Justin Bieber (72 million)
  3. Taylor Swift (67 million)
  4. Barack Obama (66 million)
  5. YouTube (58 million)
  6. Rihanna (54 million)
  7. Lady Gaga (53 million)
  8. Barack Obama (53 million)
  9. Ellen (52 million)
  10. Twitter (51 million)

Something that is often of discussion about Twitter, is how many of their user accounts are potentially fake. This is something every brand or marketer should consider, should they ever be interested in partnering up with a celebrity or brand strictly because of their massive reach on Twitter. Free tools allow you to plug in any Twitter account and instantly see how many users are potentially fake or real. Compare some of the top celebrity accounts and see which of them might be buying fake followers to inflate their own numbers!

Of all the celebrities in the world, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have figured out how to dominate Twitter the best. Combined they have a reach of over 200 million users. As for brands, you have to go all the way to number five in the list where you will find YouTube, and even Twitter doesn’t rank on the list until the tenth position!

Celebrities might dominate the world of Twitter right now, but brands are quickly making their way up the rankings as well. Brands like CNN, SportsCenter, ESPN and YouTube all added around 10 million followers in 2015.

As one of the top social networks in the world today Twitter is simply the place to be — the big question is, who will hit 100 million followers first?