Do you feel like your small business is being left behind in the race to establish an online presence? Do you feel like you have lost the online game and that you are too far behind to catchup? You are not alone. Most small businesses (about 60%) still don’t have a website. Of course there is safety in numbers, but you really can’t afford not to have a business website any longer because the number of potential customers you could be missing out on is mindboggling.

Infographic – Small Business Website Statistics You Must Know

There are so many benefits of having a website than you think.

When you have a website, it makes it easy for people to find you, thereby, gaining competitive advantage over your competitors who don’t have a business website. Majority of people these days conduct online local research to discover companies and products before making a purchase. Even if people don’t end up purchasing from you, they will remember you. In business, it is better to be remembered than to be inexistent in customers’ minds.

A website also helps small businesses to establish credibility. Most people expect you have a business website like most businesses do. When they realize that you don’t have a website, question marks will emerge regarding your professionalism and credibility. Most potential customers are simply going to assume that you are a small time company when they realize that you don’t have any online presence; otherwise, how are your customers going to refer other people to your business? A business website is the most obvious point of reference when someone is trying to refer someone to your services and products.

If you want to compete with the big boys, you must have a website. More than anything, internet provides a level playing field for small business and multinationals alike. A website gives the impression that you are bigger than you actually are. If you get your design and SEO right, there is no reason that you can’t have your site ranked as high as or even ahead of a large multinational competitor.

Clearly, to fail to have a business website is to commit a business suicide. Sadly, many small businesses do not have a website yet because of various reasons. Some of them reasons that make many of these small business not to have a website include:

  • They think they are too small to have a website.
  • Some of them do not think that having a website will help their business.
  • Lack of expertise and know-how when it comes to setting up and managing a website.
  • Some business owners do not have time to manage a website.
  • Others think that it is too expensive.

While these reasons are legitimate, the pros of having a website far outweigh the perks of having a functional, search engine friendly website. If you lack expertise, you can look for a professional web designer like Go-Gulf for help. And if you think a website is expensive, try not having one. Whether you think your business is too small to have a website or your type of product doesn’t require you to have one, it is still important that you have a website.