For today’s consumers, finding the best deal is no longer the sole priority. They now expect that companies they interact with possess a vision and duty that go beyond immediate profit. Giving back to the community and enacting fair business practices that match consumers’ social interests are, in this day and age, part of a simple formula for corporate success.

Data from a recent survey – compiled by Clarity in the infographic below – reveals that social responsibility is currently imperative.  Overall, nearly 90 percent of the 1,000 Americans surveyed think companies should allot equal resources to business and charity. 30 percent expressed their wish to spend more on products and services from socially responsible brands, while nearly 10% consider switching to similar brands that support good causes.

Whether it is cause-marketing campaigns, crowdsourcing with social integration or skill-based volunteering, social responsibility initiatives are able to bolster brands in the eyes of consumers and investors. Here’s how: