What do we do with virtual reality as business professionals? We all know that virtual reality and augmented reality are growing and that there are ample opportunities to take advantage of this trend for our businesses, but most of us just don’t know how. Who do you even call when you want to make an immersive virtual reality experience? Everything about virtual reality is uncharted territory for most of us, but there are many practical applications for businesses. You just have to be brave enough to try them.

Hollywood is embracing virtual reality not just as the subject of movies as in Ready Player One, but also as a tool for examining sets before they are built. Never before have directors been able to visit a set before it is built and make modifications before construction has even begun. Virtual reality is revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

Real Estate is experiencing a similar phenomenon. Or many real estate listings you have the option now of taking a virtual tour, and just about everyone with a smartphone has access to the technology.

These same kinds of applications can be used in other industries as well. Doctors offices can send patients virtual tours of parking lots and buildings to help them navigate once they get there. Marketers can make virtual reality experiences for customers to enjoy in order to forge relationships. Retail outlets can use virtual reality to help people try on clothing before making a purchase online. The possibilities are endless.

How will you delve into virtual reality in the new year? The technology is growing and the possible applications are only limited by your imagination. Science fiction may have some ideas for you, however, if you need a little inspiration. Learn more about SciFi applications for virtual reality from this infographic!

Infographic image source: Frames Direct