It’s pumpkin season, and even pumpkin spice lattes have their own hashtag on social media these days. Americans are serious about pumpkins, and it doesn’t even end with the traditional jack o lanterns at Halloween. Pumpkin pies are also a staple throughout the Holiday season. But where do all those pumpkins come from?

Would you believe that the pumpkin capital of the United States is a little town outside of Peoria, Illinois called Morton? A pumpkin processing plant there processes 100,000 tons of pumpkin there every year. That’s enough canned pumpkin to make 50 million pies which could stretch from one end of the United States to another over 32 times. Perhaps even more surprising is that more than 80% of all commercially grown pumpkins in the United States are grown within a 90 mile radius of Peoria.

When you go to pick out your Halloween pumpkin this year, help keep it fresh until you’re ready to carve it by keeping it away from ripening fruit. Also keep it off of concrete and elevate it on a pallet if you can. Despite their tough exteriors, pumpkins are very delicate. Once the shell is pierced your pumpkin is not long for this world. Learn all about pumpkins by the numbers from this infographic.


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