There’s no questioning that new laws and regulations are important, especially when they directly impact your business. But here’s the thing: countless pages of dry legalese can be difficult to decipher and digest, especially for marketers. When I attempted to write a blog post summarizing the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), an upcoming law governing commercial electronic messaging (CEM) in Canada, I almost put myself to sleep. Ouch!

Working with my colleagues in Neolane’s marketing department, we came up with an infographic that hopefully makes CASL (dare I say it?) fun and easy to understand. Using a beach/sandcastle motif, the infographic outlines who CASL impacts, what it requires, and best practices commercial senders can implement to help ensure compliance.

The key takeaway? While many digital and email marketing professionals are concerned about preparing for CASL, it shouldn’t pose a great challenge for senders who apply best practices around permission and acquisition. The full guidelines will be published once the law is official (expected later this year). Until then, you can prepare for—and even get ahead of—CASL by auditing your data collection processes and ensuring that you’re getting explicit consent at all points of entry!

Via: Neolane