Brand Awareness Helps Establish the Identity of a Business

brands 1Brand awareness is essential to the success of a company. There are quite a few brands that have recognized for their brands. The most influential brands of 2013 were highlighted as a result of a research poll conducted by Millward Brown Optimor. There was a recent infographic released detailing the top five most influential brands.

Brand awareness through social media has been considered essential for most businesses. The infographic details information stipulating that the more visibility a business has the stronger the overall identity of the company.  Brand marketing is created to feature the allure of a business and capture their essence.

The infographic designs lists the top five most influential brands of 2013. It also includes an outline of the overall concept of their marketing efforts. There are a total of 84 percent of companies who that believe a good strategy is essential to achieving effective brand objectives. About 59 percent of companies agree that career websites communicate a company’s brand.

The top five most influential brands of 2013 include Apple, Google, IBM, McDonalds and Coca Cola. Apple has a brand value of $185 billion. Apple’s brand marketing has played a major part in their overall success. Google’s brand value is $113.7 billion, IBM $112.5 billion, McDonalds $27 billion and Coca Cola rounds out the top five with $78.4 billion. The infographic design gives an overall outline of these five companies and their successes that can be attributed to brand marketing.