When it comes to business-customer relationships, most marketers instinctively aim to build and establish brand loyalty. It is one of the basic concepts of marketing and is one of the most common organizational goals for any company. But what most businesses don’t realize is that brand loyalty is not the most powerful way of establishing and strengthening customer relationships — brand affinity is. What many thinks is brand loyalty is actually brand affinity, and while companies all over the world strive to achieve it, only a few manage to attain true brand affinity.

This doesn’t mean that all is lost for companies who haven’t established a strong brand affinity within their customers. While it may seem that achieving brand affinity is a different strategy altogether from brand loyalty and you’ll have to start from scratch, often the efforts you’ve already given have paved the way for you to cultivate this strongest form of customer relationship.

If you manage to establish brand affinity, you’ve essentially cultivated the strongest reason and motivation for your customers to stay with your business despite the numerous competitors. It can even influence the opinions of people who haven’t transacted with you, making them more inclined to choose your business in the event that they do need what you can offer.

To build brand affinity for your business, it’s essential that you familiarize yourself with what brand affinity is all about. Here are the key takeaways on the things businesses and marketers should know about brand affinity before starting on this path:

1. What is Brand Affinity?

2. Brand Equity vs. Brand Affinity vs. Brand Loyalty

3. Why Should You Invest in Brand Affinity?

4. How to Establish and Boost Brand Affinity

  • Tap the power of your social networks
  • Keep connected with targeted messages
  • Make the whole experience easy for them

Find out how you can effectively develop brand affinity for your business by checking out the infographic below.

things businesses and marketers should know about brand affinity

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