If you want to grow your business and manage it better, there are a thousand and one different ways you can do it. You can read books, watch videos, listen to podcasts, attend conferences, and consume other content all in an effort to be at your best — for your business, your work, and your life.

But did you know that a life coach can also help you to improve your business performance and business management skills as well? Actually, the benefits of working with a life coach might be greater for your business and your work than for your life. Coaching is so powerful that it can substantially boost your productivity, your work performance, your business management, and team effectiveness.

What’s the proof?

Life Coach Spotter just published a new infographic called “Does Life Coaching Really Work?” And while the benefits for your life are huge, the benefits for your business and work life are significant too. Here are some of the stats they included:

  • 70% improved their work performance
  • 61% improved their business management
  • 57% improved their time management
  • 51% improved their team effectiveness

Additionally, 67% of survey respondents increased their work-life balance. So what does this tell us?

We learn that life coaching is not just about your life. No, no. The mental and spiritual aspects of your life totally impact your work performance as well. So if you improve your attitude, it will carry over into your work. If you get clearer and more aligned with your goals, it will certainly influence your ability to achieve your business goals.

And there is no shortage in the types of coaching specialties that you can find. There is coaching for: performance, business, executive, career, sales, management, and more. Your ideal coach might be a specialist for your business, or they may be a generalist for multiple areas of your life.

Either way, coaching can be very effective. Don’t believe it?

Take a look below and see the impact that coaching can have on your business and on your life.

Does Life Coaching Really Work?