Bitcoin vs fiat currency [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today we compare Bitcoin vs fiat currency in a handy infographic. The dollar amounts (USD) are vastly different (for now), but the breakdowns by percent of ownership is uncanny.

47 individuals own 28.9 percent of all the bitcoin in exsistence today. Another 880 own 21.5 percent and another 1 million have 20.7 percent of BTC. an estimated 492,000 bitcoins have been lost so far. What is shocking is that a versimilar percnetage of fiat currency wealth ownership in USD exists as well. It almost mirrors bitcoin percentage-wise when you look at the top 0.001 percent, 0.01 percent and bottom 99.9 percent of the world..

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What do you think about the breakdown of wealth in Bitcoin vs fiat currency?

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(Infographic source: Bitcoin Examiner, Photo Screenshot from Wealth distribution Part II: fiat currency vs BTC [infographic].)