Canada is revolutionizing its Bitcoin exchanging scene with five new simple, and yet so amazing, machines: the Bitcoin ATMs produced by the company Robocoin, based in Las Vegas. The devices will soon arrive in the country thanks to the action of the crypto-store Bitcoiniacs, a physical business located in Vancouver that works like a Bitcoin broker and already conquered dozens of clients. But what will change with the arrival of these machines? Well, we bet that a lot will be different from now on. Just the fact that you can use a simple machine to exchange your fiat currency for Bitcoins, and the other way around, is such an marvelous possibility that we bet something great will happen. Maybe even the generalization of the cryptocurrency’s use.

While the first machine is expected to land in Vancouver in early October, the rest of the devices should arrive in December to other major cities like Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa. There are already several reports of local Bitcoiners excited about the news, mainly because, according to them, this makes it easier for people to buy and sell Bitcoins according to the current exchange rates.

Besides being super easy and safe to use one of these machines, you also won’t have to wait several days to verify your transaction, like it usually happens when operating through an online exchange. This makes Bitcoins more accessible to people and still adds that necessary element of legitimacy that will attract several new users, for sure. Robocoin says that the idea is to provide visibility to Bitcoins and add trust to the exchange process. That is why the kiosks will allow customers to quickly make a transaction using cash or a simple receipt with a QR code. To find out more about these amazing machines check out our infographic!