The Great Recession of the late 2000s has left a sizable wake of change in its path of destruction and mayhem. On the eve of ditching their houses, people are throwing big parties and drawing wonderful doodles with Sharpie markers all throughout. Music stores, DVD, video, and game rental stores have all but gone the way of the dinosaur, and men have been wearing the same 5-pack of Hanes underwear way too long. The effects of the recession on individual small businesses vary, but there have been some industries who have weathered the downturn surprisingly well.

The industries thriving during this post-recession era might surprise some people. Working out and staying healthy has become a new routine for some. Instead of spending their hard earned cash eating out, they’ve been hitting the Yoga and Pilates studios instead. People may be thrifty when it comes to buying whole outfits, but they’re making it up in the accessory department, and while people may not be splurging on two Starbucks trips a day, they’re still feeding their caffeine kick and sweet tooth at coffee houses, ice cream shops, and bakeries; maybe because more people are hanging out with the wacky tobacky (medicinal marijuana)?

See which other industries are performing, or underperforming, in the graphic below from Intuit.

via: Intuit