Online education is booming, so teachers, lecturers, and coaches are turning to technology in order to make more money from what they know. There are a number of ways to set up courses online and to get paid for your knowledge. The important things are to keep the content secure and to get paid for your knowledge.

Selling courses online

The first important thing to consider is how you wish to construct your course.

  • Will it be straight content that students will access at their own pace, or will you be front and center and offer interactivity?
  • Will you be offering homework assignments and tests that will be completed and graded, discussion boards, chats, question and answer sessions, a community, and so on?
  • Will you be offering videos? With 70% of people visual learners, this might be the best way to teach your students.

This may sound like a lot of work, but the more multimedia and/or interactivity you offer, in general, the more you can charge for your course.

If you have a WordPress-based site, you have a range of plugin choices that can help you create a well-organized course that your students will love. If you have an HTML-based website, you can upload WordPress for free and then start constructing your store.

Here are a few of the top choices.

WordPress Plugins For Online Course


The WooCommerce suite of plugins is hugely popular and successful on WordPress sites. Marketers love them because they are so easy to use, and the basic plugins are free. The paid plugin bundles are designed to give you everything you need to run your business successfully. If you want to sell an item, there is a WooCommerce plugin for it. The shopping cart offers full functionality and a range of payment methods.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads, as the name suggests, allows business owners to sell digital content easily. You can sell courses, but also e-books, documents, photos, songs or any other type of media file. It supports 24 different languages and a range of payment methods. It is also free with a large selection of add-ons.

Exchange WP

Exchange WP is another popular solution that is affordable and easy to use. It is a lightweight shopping cart solution that works well with LearnDash, a popular online course creation plugin. Exchange WP markets itself as the easiest way to set up a shopping cart and get paid for your courses and other products. It is billed annually, with three tiers of pricing and service. It integrates with many popular payment gateways, and several email marketing platforms.


Infusionsoft is a massive marketing tool, with a price tag to match, but it offers everything an online marketer needs in one fully integrated suite, courses, email contact with students and potential customers, and more. It is nicknamed “Confusionsoft” because it is so vast, but if you are serious about running an online information marketing business that includes courses, you’ll get everything you need. You won’t need to use a lot of different tool from various vendors.