Best car brand on social media [INFOGRAPHIC]

The best car brand on social media was determined using seven criteria across three top social media networks. The top 10 Facebook fan pages were looked at and ranked by number of fans and engagement rate. The top 10 official Twitter accounts were ranked by followers and engagement as well. And the top 10 official YouTube accounts were measured for subscribers, video views and number of videos uploaded.

Overall Audi came out on top for two of the criteria. BMW, Aston Martin, Porsche, Kia, and Toyota won one time for each of the remaining six. You could hand the “king of social media” crown to Audi, but is is too close to tell. Otherwise if you assign a point system where number 1 in a category gets 10 points and number 10 gets 1 point, Audi still wins with 43 points. BMW comes in second with 41 points. Ferrari rounds out the top 3 with 34 points.

Infographic - Automotive Brands on Social Media

Best Car Brands on Social Media – Concept, social analysis and Infographic design by Reputation Radar e Secret Key

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(Infographic source: Reputation Radar Photo by Eddy Clio via Flickr.)