It is a bit of a surprise how quickly all age brackets have caught on to the benefits of technology. While initial resistance from the older generations is always understandable, the large print of the reading tablets and the adjustable volume of smartphones offered beneficial solutions and facilitated everyday tasks that made the elderly on board, almost even more than the typical millennial. From medication reminders to a quick driving destination re-route, it is clear that smartphones are no longer just for placing calls or sending text messages, they are everyone’s essential accessory.

There is some nostalgia involved in placing the needle on the record or handwriting someone a letter or card and sending that in the mail. But now there is finding that balance of feeling in-touch with what you are doing and wasting time. Technology has reduced the amount of time it takes to complete a variety of tasks. Because of this, there are so many different demands pulling for this new free time. Sure, writing a letter really shows that you took the time to put in the effort and care, but is that added level of care worth the time you are losing?

It can be difficult to actually quantify exactly how much time you technology saves, or how much time you would lose by not utilizing it. Great Call released this infographic that displays a fun depiction of how much time technology has saved. Whether this graphic inspires you to dust off the records or stream music from one of the many popular.