The Twitter badge is one of the most coveted achievements on the internet. That little blue checkmark serves as a virtual indicator that you are legitimate and verified. A Twitter Badge establishes a sense of trust between the account and the people that follow it. You may associate it with major celebrities or big brands and use it as a way to verify the account you’re following or looking at is ‘legit’.

Twitter finally enabled the ability to request and verify accounts for all of us non-celebrity people. This has been a long time coming, as Facebook introduced verified badges in late 2015 to anyone who applied. It’s a smart idea to verify your business, and even yourself, on social media. Verifying is a quick and easy way to earn some internet cred, and it’s proof for potential clients that you truly are who you say you are– think of it like a little ID check for the internet— and now you can do it on Twitter.

Surprisingly, it’s not too hard to apply, but it takes a few days to process and I’ll show you the same steps we took to verify our official Contactually Twitter page.

Read on for how to get verified on Twitter:

Step #1

Visit Twitter’s verification page. You will be prompted with a registration page, which will allow you to begin the process to verify your account.

Step #2

Choose the type of Twitter account you are trying to verify. This can be a personal account or business. If it is a business account, be sure to check the “company/brand/organization” box before moving forward.

Step #3

After you add all additional information to your account, you will be prompted with a form to verify your account.

Find credible external sites that will help Twitter verify the authenticity of your request. We chose to link to our website, our Wikipedia, as well as our CEO’s personal website.

Step #4

In order to complete this form, you must upload a picture of your photo ID to confirm your identity. Because we are trying to verify a business, an official photo ID wasn’t needed.

It is important to realize that Twitter just opened up the verification process, and are more than likely flooded with new requests. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for Twitter to know that it was a legitimate request, so we uploaded a picture of our content strategist, Kat, holding a hand-written sign with some company branded products.

Step #5

Review the information you entered and click submit.…and that’s it! Be patient, it may take some time, but it worked out for us pretty quickly (5 days to be exact).

That little blue check is yours!

So, now that you have your verification checkmark, you’re official. Just kidding, we know you were official way before then. But, it’s certainly an extra point of confidence for your followers or any potential clients who utilize social media as a means of doing research on people in their network. Don’t worry if you don’t hear back right away from the team at Twitter or possibly get rejected. They’re getting thousands of requests daily from different users looking to verify their account. Just be patient, and try again!