Interviewing is a skill you have to keep current regardless of whether you plan to change jobs anytime soon. Experts recommend going on a job interview every year or two just to keep your skills current. And you never know, the next big move in your career could be waiting right around the corner if you play your cards right. If you haven’t been on a job interview in a while, chances are a few things have changed. It’s time to brush up on your interviewing skills so that you can showcase your ability to be the linchpin.

Resumes and cover letters are out and social media and networking are in. The vast majority of job seekers no longer use a cover letter, and most interviewers barely look at your resume. Before you even show up to an interview they have already searched extensively for you online – including your old forgotten public Myspace photos. Step one before you ever send out the first resume is to look yourself up online and figure out whether people are getting an accurate picture of you.

The interview process has also gotten longer and more drawn out. Instead of one interview you might have a phone interview, a coffee interview, an in person interview with one person, and a lunch interview with the team before ever starting negotiations. And considering people are changing jobs more frequently now than ever before, this is one of those career skills you will be using more often than you think.

Interviewing is about more than wearing your best power suit and showing up five minutes early. You have to prove you can be the company’s linchpin long before you even set foot in the first interviewer’s office. Learn more about the latest and most important interviewing skills from this infographic!

Infographic Source: Human Resources MBA