Any business with success in mind will aim to build awareness of their company. Any forward-thinking marketer will find content marketing valuable for this reason. Content marketing is a different marketing technique traditional efforts of television and radio ads, billboards, or cold call.

Content marketing involves creating and developing content that is valuable, relevant, and consistent to attract a specific target audience and attain true customer engagement. It’s a successful long-term strategy to build a strong relationship with your target audience, regardless if you sell to consumers or other businesses.

Still, content marketing isn’t the same for every business. It makes a difference in your content to know your target audience. In commerce, a business can either be B2B or B2C. Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketers aim to capture the attention of two distinct audiences.

B2C describes businesses with individuals looking to use their products or services personally. These customers love content dedicated to their needs, interest, and challenges of people in their everyday lives. They want something that resonates with them and speaks their language than the products themselves.

In contrast, B2B companies try to reach decision-makers at another company. They create content for this target audience requires a different mindset and strategy. Customers making purchases want to be educated and be assured that they’re making a great decision on behalf of their organization.

Despite their differences, content marketing remains at the forefront of the digital marketing efforts of most businesses, even more so in the B2B marketing sphere has grown much more competitive than ever as the digital space is flooded with a multitude of both mundane and relevant content.

These days, it became more challenging to create user-generated content that will grab the attention of online audiences. Fortunately, there are marketing trends that emerge to help B2B marketers’ efforts evolve into a whole new strategic level.

As we’re still in the early months of 2020, trend shifts and changes will take place in the content marketing industry. Find out in this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines which content marketing trends are expected to gain traction this year.