You create an email marketing campaign to capture and nurture leads. You toil away in writing the perfect content, carefully decide where to place your CTA button, design the most eye-catching email layout and ready your email subscribers list. One slip, in terms of a low Sender Reputation, and Game over! Instead of counting ROI, you weep for the total catastrophe since your email landing in the dreaded spam folder (Yikes!)

email deliverability

Thankfully if your email deliverability drops, it doesn’t mean that you are standing at a point of no return. With a few tweaks and improvements, you can re-earn your sender reputation as well as improve your email deliverability. In addition to sender reputation there are few other factors which affects any email’s deliverability such as:

  • Content relevancy
  • Email design, especially the image-text ratio,
  • Email frequency

Have you heard an email open up about its endeavors and achievements while dealing with deliverability?

Here is an infographic on Email deliverability, where Email – the hero, talks about the behind-the-scene metrics on which the deliverability of an email relies on. It contains important links to various Postmaster and Reputation sites which help you gauge your sender reputation.

postmaster sites

A few of the many Postmaster sites (more in the infographic)

reputation sites

Some of widely known reputation sites (more in the infographic)

Reading further reveals the truth about the many myths, which cloud a sender’s mind in relation to sending an email, some of the tips adopted by marketers globally to ensure that their email crosses the finish line i.e. reach subscribers’ inbox.

In a nutshell this infographic shall help you cruise through the some of the prominent email deliverability issues and tips to skyrocket your email marketing game.

View the complete interactive infographic here: