A good hiring process makes finding top talent easy. It also sets expectations for new hires. If your application and screening process is simple and pleasant, then they can expect a positive experience when they start on the job.

But that’s the challenge — designing a good hiring process that works for both your hiring team and the job candidates.

Your applicant tracking system (ATS) plays a major role in that. If you have a faulty, outdated system, you’re at risk for losing qualified candidates or providing a bad candidate experience.

Deanna Page, the Human Resource Director of Care Mountain, noticed that her candidates weren’t getting the kind of application experience they deserved, thanks to their system’s software limitations.

Care Mountain is not alone. Most HR professionals experience frustrations with their ATS, and it becomes a major issue when you’re creating more work for your hiring team and deterring top talent from applying.

The infographic below — compiled by ClearCompany, the talent management solution that helps companies identify, hire, and retain more A Players — looks at the impact a bad ATS has on your hiring process and offers tips on how to make improvements.

Deanna was able to identify the best way to overcome the challenge of offering a cumbersome candidate experience.

“Communication is key in everything,” she said, “so it was important to us that we also always respond to each and every candidate, even if we decided not to move forward with them.”

Job seekers agree with this sentiment. CareerArc’s 2016 The State of the Candidate Experience survey found that 60 percent of candidates say “better communication throughout and after the application process” would make the most positive impact.

What does a long hiring process say to candidates? Robert Half’s Time to Hire survey from 2016 found that 32 percent of candidates start to question your company’s ability to make other decisions if you can’t seem to make a timely hiring decision.

It’s hard to communicate and manage relationships when your ATS is buggy. Technology can help, but you need to trust in your system.

Check out the full infographic below to see how a good ATS will make your hiring process easier and more effective and help you attract A players who will thrive on your team.


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