Whether you are going for your first job interview out of college or you are a seasoned business professional, you have to think about how you are presenting yourself online these days. People can Google your name and instantly come up with your social profiles, so how you present yourself online becomes your personal brand. If you own a small business any transgression a customer finds online can mean the end of your business. Personal branding online is a crucial skill to master these days no matter what part of a business you are in, but it’s not always easy to know what to do.

Profile Pictures

Your profile picture will vary based on which application you are looking at. For a professional photo you should be dressed in professional attire, smiling with teeth, have good lighting, and squint slightly. These things make you seem more likeable an competent. This is of course completely different from what you would want in an online dating profile, and it could be completely different from a personal Facebook profile photo.

Your Bio

A professional bio is going to be different from an online dating profile, but don’t veer too far into corporatespeak. People want to know that you are still a human with hobbies and interests and not just a robot who only thinks about work. Highlight your successes and talk about your passions.

Online Branding Is More Important Than You Think

Did you know that 70% of employers are going to look you up online before they even make the decision to bring you in for an interview? If you are not prepared for that, start preparing for it now. Overhaul your online persona, starting with your profile pics and bios. Be more careful about what you post. Learn more about personal branding online from this infographic!

Image Source: Best Marketing Degrees