With national student debt now past the $1 trillion mark and the debt of an average college graduate at about $25,000, getting in and getting out as fast as possible has never been more important. The Liberal Arts majors are all sick and tired of the son-you-should-have-gone-to-law-school speech from dad (“you have no direction!”).

However, there is good news! Once the major of ridicule and a hipster’s right of passage, a Liberal Arts degree may turn out to be more useful than what we thought. That is, if you use it right.

Because of the challenge of getting a job these days, even by those who are experienced in their feild, imagine how the green college grad must feel. Liberal Arts degree in hand, you’ll take anything as long as it doesn’t involve the family’s “I told you so’s.” College grads, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can get the job you want, there are just some steps to get there.

From working as an archivist to an archaeologist, the world is at the feet of Liberal Arts grads. Supplimentive courses in subjects that interest you and your job search could prove invaluable, even if they don’t count towards your degree. Being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses can guide you to a job that is right for you and away from the ones that are not.

Lastly, with your Liberal Arts degree you can pretty much do anything. Expand your job search, think outside the box and try new things. Hey, you’ve got a college degree and liberal arts or not, knowledge is power.

Check out the infographic below presented by BestLiberalArtsColleges.org to learn more about the benefits of a Liberal Arts degree.

Image source: www.bestliberalartscolleges.org

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