As we roll into 2017 many of us look into what it will bring for our businesses, set targets and try to establish how we are going to make this year even better than the last. Now 2016 might not have been everyone’s cup of tea (not mentioning any political names), however for business, marketing and mobile marketing in particular – it was a great year.

The mobile phone is now a stable member of the family, it comes with us to work, on holidays and even to the bathroom, it is a permanent feature of modern life that doesn’t look like it will every be replaced.

It supports and guides us through our day, entertaining us, lets us play games, listen to music, schedule meetings, track our fitness regimes and with it’s ever improving camera, it allows us to capture those special moments turning them into perfect beautiful memories.

No wonder we all love our mobile phones!

And it’s this love for our mobile phone that makes it the most powerful marketing tool to every business in the world. Now, I haven’t got a crystal ball and cannot predict the future, but having worked within the mobile and technology industry for many years, I can see that it is going to be another huge year for the mobile and mobile marketing.

Most brands and businesses are now well underway with their mobile marketing exploits, whether that means sending out appointment reminders by text message, customer support by text, mobile loyalty programmes, or sending out big bulk sales and offers by text message – all these tasks and others have been improved by being sent out via a text message.

Below are some stats and facts that cement the idea that the future is certainly looking bright for the mighty mobile and that 2017 is set to be another massive year for mobile marketing.