In 2015 we heard some amazing marketing stories and exploits, most of which have been made possible by the might of the incredible little hand held device, the mobile.

The love and lust for our mobile phones has grown and grown at a steep incline, and it’s the relationship with our mobile phones that is causing this shift in the way businesses and brands market and advertise themselves. With 2015 seeming to be the tipping point where mobile marketing became top dog in all things marketing.

The device has become our best friend, our personal assistant that takes cares of all our daily needs and functions, from entertainment to banking, personal shopping assistant to personal trainer. It seems the sky is the limit for what the device can do as everyday a new app, function or feature is added to its impressive repertoire that will help us in our everyday life.

But it’s not only its importance in our everyday life that is making it the go-to device for marketing and advertising to our customers on, but its convenience.

Simple and convenient will always win our hearts and that’s arguably the mobiles strongest assets. Why spend your time queueing in banks or shops when you can access your bank account, make transactions, buy or even sell products all from the touch of a button on your mobile. And you can do all that from the comfort of your own home…

75% of Americans use their smartphones while in the bathroom, with iPhone users 12% more likely to make a purchase while sitting on the porcelain throne


The fact is, whoever your target customer and audience is, they are more than likely to have a mobile phone. So whether they are playing games on their phone, banking, shopping, ringing or texting… They are all on their phones throughout a good majority of their day – so why would a business or brand advertise to their customers on anything else?

It’s this behavior and thought process that has led to more and more businesses signing up to mobile marketing, and starting to advertise and market their business to their customers in a way that’s convenient for their customers and rewarding for them.

Source: Text Marketer