Most people when asked, when was the internet created, or if you prefer, when was the internet invented, will probably struggle to answer the question. Many probably think it’s been around for ever whilst some may think it started with Facebook!

Back in 1984, when the internet started, I was at University (yes I am that old!) and I recall seeing it for the first time.

I remember not being that impressed!

However in my defense we were using it to send messages to the person sitting next to us in the same room.

Of course, back in those days we had plain green text on a black screens and our phones were connected to the wall by a wire (oh, and they had a dial on them!!).

Anyway, rather than make this a nostalgia blog post, I really wanted to show you the infographic that was shared with me recently. It charts the amazing growth of the internet since those early days back in 1984 to today. We sometimes forget how fast it has evolved and that it really hasn’t been around all that long.
Infographic: The Incredible Growth of Web Usage [1984-2013] by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

Source: Who Is Hosting