Here I have a pretty interesting infographic from London based The Air Conditioning Company providing information about the history of air conditioning and some air conditioning facts.

People have been trying to come up with ways to keep cool indoors for hundreds and hundreds of years. Back in the day way before air conditioning was invented our ancestors came up with some pretty ingenious ways to beat the heat for instance the Egyptians hung wet reeds in the windows to chill the incoming breeze.

Many people consider Willis Haviland Carrier to be the father of air conditioning. Willis was an American engineer who lived from 1876 through to 1950 and he built the 1st air conditioner in 1902 to combat humidity inside a printing company building.

Some of the other important air conditioning milestones are when Charles Gates of Minneapolis installed the 1st domestic A/C unit in 1914 or when United Air Lines offered the 1st air conditioned passenger flight in 1936.

People underestimate how important the invention of air conditioning was and the huge impact it has had on the World we live in today. This infographic teaches us all about it and includes all of the important milestones as well as ten fun facts. Enjoy and share!

Infographic by The Air Conditioning Company