By the mid-2030s, 38% of all US jobs will have a high possibility for automation, potentially putting hundreds of thousands of people out of a job. But a lot has to happen first before this prediction can become a reality, and in the meantime millions more jobs will be created to help get us there. Are you ready for the AI revolution?

As we close in on 2020, one estimate reveals the creation of 2.3 million jobs for AI, calling on the talents of programmers to help AI better read human emotions and body language, AI ethics controllers to maintain AI working in accordance with human values, and even tech go-betweens to help businesses and the public get the most from AI. All told, 73% of people say that technology will never be able to replace the human mind, but we can get pretty darn close. It’s what we choose to do with these capabilities that make the difference.

In 2017, Google began a project known as PAIR, People + AI Research with the goal of of building an AI that truly treats everyone equally. This project, however socially and technologically forward thinking it may be, we see a very different and more sinister approach to AI of the future on the other side of the world. Today, China has an estimated two hundred million surveillance cameras, about four times as many as in the US. An indispensable tool for the Chinese police, AI powered cameras and facial recognition smart-glasses scan citizens’ faces, gathering data along the way. In the face of AI, many of us may be fearing for our jobs, but many more live in fear of their very lives.

The power of AI goes as far as we allow it it, and when we allow it to be used for evil we further fuel the flames for our own bias, prejudice, and hate. The future of AI is in our hands – let’s lead it in the right direction. For more detail on the present, future, and growing power of AI, see this infographic for more.

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