Remember the famous comedy film “Project X”, which debuted in 2012? The plot follows three friends named Thomas (Thomas Mann), Costa (Oliver Cooper) and J.B. (Jonathan Daniel Brown), who have a crazy plan: to become popular by throwing the party of their lives. However, the plan quickly escalates out of control and the party turns into a major riot in the streets of the once calm neighborhood where Thomas lives with his family.

The filming of the movie took place on sets in Los Angeles over five weeks with a $12 million budget. Although the film is presented to the viewers as a home video made by a guest, the creation process was quite professional. However, what matters most here is that this story has a before and after. First of all, the movie was inspired by true events: a party organized by the young Corey Worthington Delaney in 2008. The Australian teenager, who lives in the city of Melbourne, was responsible for the informal meeting of 500 people that bashed his family house and part of his neighborhood. The price tag for repairs and restitutions was more than £12,200 and Corey’s family even had to pay for the police helicopter sent to monitor the uncontrolled crowd.

Following the release of “Project X”, there were records of events that started as parties and turned into large scale incidents, probably inspired by the movie. One of them might have been the party organized by a 16-year-old girl called Brodie Norman in Ederby, Leicestershire. About 100 teenagers rioted that night, on April 6 of 2013, and provoked damages of about $4,000. Are you curious about these stories? You can find them all in our latest infographic that gathers the best and wildest (and don’t forget about the most expensive) parties around the world.


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