Machine learning is an interesting branch of artificial intelligence that essentially allows for some very granular pattern recognition application in various types of software.

UK-based reputation management and search optimization agency Alchemy Viral just released an in-depth look at MLS and how it factors in to SEO tactics.

For a high-level understanding, a machine learning system compares sets of data, notices a pattern then uses a learning algorithm to make a future prediction or classify gathered data elements into certain categories. For example, an e-mail spam filter uses a similar methodology when attempting to understand which of your e-mail messages are quality, and which are spam. After the system has learned how to organize certain data according to a pattern or algorithm, it can begin presenting the data in a particular fashion — when it’s sifting through e-mail, that means the MLS will know if your mail should go into the spam folder or not.

Along with some of the pros and cons of a machine learning algorithm, Alchemy Viral‘s visual offers up some best practices for applying machine learning to SEO tasks. Here’s a complete look:

Infographic via Alchemy Viral