What do you when the beautiful houseplant you were given as a special gift suddenly begins to wilt? Providing you have remembered to water it regularly it is possible it has outgrown its container and will need repotting. You don’t need to be another Alan Titchmarsh to carry out this task, as our infographic has a step-by-step list of instructions to ensure a happy outcome.

Obviously you will need some potting compost and a larger pot than the one the plant already sits in. If you are the kind of person who makes a mess no matter what they are doing it might be advisable to do this job outside, weather permitting. If you are doing this indoors we would always recommend putting down several sheets of newspaper as dry soil can get everywhere! Either wear an apron or old clothes and if you have sensitive skin a pair of polythene gloves will be a necessity.

If you are thinking of re-using old pots always make sure these are as clean as possible by sterilising them in the sink or a bucket with either a bleach or vinegar solution. Rinse the pots and ensure they are thoroughly dry before adding the drainage material. If you are using stones or broken pieces of terracotta pots ensure these are also clean as these can harbour bacteria, parasites and other harmful microbes that can destroy your growing plant.

Houseplants are generally grown in specialized soils called potting compost, not in ordinary garden soil. If you are uncertain as to what kind your plant requires take a trip to your local garden centre and discuss this with an expert, then follow the steps listed in our infographic and you should be rewarded with strong, healthy plants that you can once more be proud of.