Lead generation has become increasingly challenging over the years, and it remains as one of the most critical tasks of a marketing professional. As far as tactics go, 93% of B2B companies agree that content marketing is the way to go—it attracts more leads versus traditional methods.

This statistic makes sense, as content marketing focuses on giving readers relevant information and solutions that can help them learn or solve problems. Research shows that 66.6% of people willingly give their information in exchange for something of perceived value. One of the goals is to get data from them that in return will help you provide them with more relevant and personalized content, and ultimately nudge them further down the marketing and sales funnel.

When you think of creative lead generation tactics fueled by content marketing, infographics probably don’t immediately come to mind. Well, it should.

According to Bandwagon, visual content such as infographics receives 94% more clicks and 30x more reads. This dominant content type also boosts site traffic by 12% and is proven to increase social media engagement as well. More importantly, brands who use custom visual content garner 7x higher conversion rate.

So, why not reinforce your other lead generating channels and strategies by integrating your infographics where ever you can?

After all the resources you’ve spent on an infographic, you’ll want to milk it for all it’s worth. You can start with integrating them into your social media and email campaigns, content offers, and even in your offline marketing collaterals. This way, you increase your chances of converting those visitors into leads.

Here’s a visual guide to help you increase your chances of converting visitors into leads with infographics.

Now that you’ve caught the missed opportunity, it’s time to optimize your infographics as a lean, mean lead generation machine. Scroll down below to learn about the different parts of an infographic, its various formats, and the best lead gen channels to post them.

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