With more and more brands joining the social media scene, the competition for gaining the user’s attention also becomes fiercer than ever. And reaching a satisfying engagement level turns into a bigger and bigger challenge. Maybe especially in Facebook’s case, since it is a platform majorly populated by ads as well.

Some campaigns are a done deal for becoming viral, but not all of a brand’s Facebook posts will have exceptional engagement rates.

In 2021, there were many tactics that helped brands increase their engagement on Facebook. Even though some are quicker in results than others, it is important for marketers to be more focused on the long game.

Going live has proven to be a technique that can even help brands double their engagement on Facebook.

And let’s not forget of course about the power of contests in social media. Many times called giveaways, they are better to be marketed as challenges brands address to their fans. This way brands can also gain some authentic user-generated content that can be further repurposed.

Regardless of a brand’s line of operation, size, or popularity, every business must understand that online audiences are most important when doing social media marketing. Which means listening to fans’ needs and offering solutions to their problems. This is what having a fan-centric approach refers to.

By carefully listening to one’s communities, every brand will find endless inspirational ideas, will understand if the users prefer image or video content or stories. And adapting to these needs will be 100% rewarded with the most precious social media KPI – engagement.

Facebook groups are also very important as it offers brands a chance to create a unified community.

As there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, below you’ll find an infographic that also summarizes a couple of tactics on how to increase Facebook engagement in a much more visual manner. Because, as pointed out – visual, colored, and easy-to-understand content matters a great deal.

Proven to be very successful for some brands, they are worth trying for improving your engagement on Facebook as well.

This is an infographic that states 9 tips on how to increase Facebook engagement