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Here are the top qualities that Santa looks for when he recruits elves to work at the north pole.

Qualities That Santa Looks For When Recruiting


Santa needs to find elves that are hard-working. This isn’t a job for just anyone. You need to be able to wrap presents insanely fast.

And there’s very little room for error. The gifts can’t look like they were wrapped quickly by someone with no experience.

Hopefully there is an advanced team of elves that train and mentor the new ones that join the team.


Unfortunately, working for Santa requires you to be available all the time. The sheer volume of work required doesn’t really allow you take much time off.

While the holidays are known for eating a bit too much, for the rest of the year, I’m sure there are plenty of wellness initiatives at the north pole to make sure the elves are in top shape.


The elves work closely with each other, and Santa’s workshop is the office where all the elves get together.

There’s no time for office politics, all of the elves need to collaborate and work well together.

Their shared mission is to bring happiness to children all over the world, which is an easy one to get passionate about.

One of the qualities Santa surely looks for is how well an elf will be able to get along with the others.


At the speed which they move, it’s likely that a few toys get broken or a few mistakes are made in the gift-wrapping process.

I’m willing to bet that they embrace a culture of failure at the workshop and no one gets in trouble for making mistakes.

They work hard to ensure that things run smoothly, but mistakes will be made.

As an employee, each elf needs to be able to bounce back quickly and not let a mistake phase them.


Santa doesn’t want another “yes man.”

What Santa wants is someone with a growth mindset, that’s always looking for new ways to optimize their workflow.

Maybe one of them has a better idea for Santa’s route, maybe one of them has an idea for how they can wrap gifts faster.

Whatever it is, they have a flat hierarchy at the workshop so they look for people that are ambitious and want to keep improving every day.


Again, considering how much work there is to do, each employee needs to be incredibly passionate about what they do.

Employees need to love coming into work every day and giving it their 100%.

If not, the children will suffer, and no one wants that.


Santa needs to hire people that are trustworthy.

The items that these elves are dealing with are incredibly valuable, they could make or break a kid’s holiday.

There are probably serious background checks that take place before officially making an offer to an elf.


I’m not entirely sure which goal-setting technique Santa uses, but he sets incredibly ambitious goals for his team.

There are literally billions of presents that need to be wrapped by the end of the year, so each employee needs to be goal-oriented.

They have to do whatever they need to do to hit that ambitious number.


The workshop is always a happy place with good music playing, great food, and a boss that’s always in a good mood.

They need happy people to be able to keep the company culture strong.

Having all the employees positive helps ensure that productivity remains high. Happy workers are more productive, so Santa surely looks for people with positive attitudes.

Happy Holidays!

Again, we want to wish all of our readers a happy holiday! We hope you take some time to relax and be with family. Enjoy!

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