Let me be straight with you, customer service is no picnic. It can be mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even physically taxing. Sure, the positive experiences far outweigh the negative ones. But, at the same time, disgruntled customers also know how to leave a permanent impression. For some, customer service and support comes naturally. These individuals are usually patient problem solvers, with a knack for diffusing potential explosions. For others, it takes work, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. When putting together this infographic, we observed our own rockstar team, as well as a few other customer support gurus. If you’re lacking in customer crisis management, follow this checklist of do’s and don’ts.

In addition to the below advice, check out these five tips for effectively customer service and support. They will help you improve your day to day performance, and perfect your professional skillset.

  1. Practice does make perfect.
    You can’t simply become a customer support guru overnight. You have to go through a few bad experiences, and learn how to handle unhappy customers. The more problems you diffuse, the easier it will become.
  2. Hold weekly support team meetings.
    This is a great way to debrief, vent, and brainstorm. Discuss calls with your fellow reps, and bounce around ideas.
  3. Know your industry, product, and/or service.
    The more you know, the more help you can provide. Don’t be lazy. Take time to learn the ins and outs of your industry.
  4. Stay organized.
    When handling a thousand and one different daily customer to do’s, keep a running list. When one assignment is complete, mark it off.
  5. Set monthly goals.
    Customer service isn’t just an entry level job. You can work your way up, and become a master at support. Take your position seriously, and set monthly performance goals.

This infographic can originally be found on the SlickText blog.