Twitter happens to be one of my absolute favorite social media marketing platforms that I use to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, share content from the blog and build authority in the small business space.

With more than 645 million registered users on the site, it’s no wonder that Twitter is one of the most popular social networks used.

Benefits of using Twitter for Small Business

Some of the main benefits of using twitter for small business include:

  1. To connect with more people in your marketplace
  2. Keep up with trends in your industry
  3. Get more business exposure

8 Tweets that Get Attention and Reshared the Most

If you are not using Twitter—or want to use Twitter in your business but can’t quite figure out what you should Tweet, today I am sharing a helpful Infographic courtesy of theHub that will get your wheels turning.

According to this infographic, 8 types of Tweets that get the most attention and reshares are as follows:

  1. The “Sharing Content” Tweet
  2. The “Problem/Solution” Tweet
  3. The “Question Tweet”
  4. The “Retweet with Comments” Tweet
  5. The “Offering Advice” Tweet
  6. The “Showing Some Love” Tweet
  7. The “Fact/Statistic” Tweet
  8. The “Inspirational” Tweet

Without further ado, here is the Infographic…

Tweets that Generate Retweets

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