There is no doubt that social media has evolved from being “nice to have” to full-fledged digital marketing tool in its own right. And it seems like these platforms are far from fading out anytime soon. With 98% of digital consumers having accounts on social media, it is evident that social media is at an all-time high. Therefore, it is only imperative for businesses to ride the wave and make the most of social media while the interest of people is still there.

However, while social media has helped industries and businesses thrive, it can quickly turn any business from great to awful. One of the pitfalls of this strategy is the very strength it possesses: It is everywhere. This is why many novice business owners think that social media is all powerful, flawless, and can be used in any ways they want.

Like other digital marketing initiatives, social media marketing is not a magic pill that provides overnight success. In order to maximise its full potential, you must get familiar with common misconceptions which might cause you to use this strategy in your business inappropriately.

So, what are the myths about social media marketing, and why should you ignore them? To give you a hint, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below from CJG Digital Marketing, which details the top social media marketing myths that you should become familiar with – and banish from your own thinking:

  1. Likes and followers count equals success.
  2. Social media is free marketing.
  3. You must “get” social media to succeed.
  4. You need to be active on every platform.
  5. Social media is a separate strategy.
  6. Audience comes naturally.
  7. Hashtags are extremely important.
  8. Social media doesn’t drive bottom-line results.

Learn more why believing in these myths might kill your business by checking out the infographic below.

8 Social Media Marketing Myths Busted

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing Philippines (original image source)