Are infographics still relevant?

Funnily enough, people have been asking this question for over two years now. But generally, the answer to the question is…yes! Infographics are still one of the top performing types of visual content.

So my question is: why do people keep asking that question in the first place (aside from the obvious purpose of promoting their own infographics)?

If you ask me, I think it has to do with the fact that there just happen to be a lot of boring infographics out there.

When infographics first became popular around 2011-2012, everyone was excited by the opportunities infographics presented for communicating data-driven information in a visual and digestible way.

But as with any kind of popular media, once infographics became a part of the mainstream, the quality of the infographics put out there became more and more varied.

So now people have a problem: they want to create an infographic because they know that infographics still perform well, but they don’t know how to make sure that their infographic will stand out. How can you make an infographic that is unique?

Of course, when it comes to creating memorable infographics, coming up with a create design is essential. But before you even get to the point where you start designing, you need to have a unique idea for your infographic.

Because unless your infographic is really creative and outstanding in its design, people aren’t going to bother looking at yet another infographic about a topic that has already been covered many times. Instead, they’re going to be drawn to infographics that offer unique value.

Unique value could mean providing findings from new research, making a case for an opinion that challenges the status quo, telling “untold” stories about popular topics, or catering to a particular niche within a larger audience.

When you combine a unique topic with a solid design, that’s when you’re able to create a memorable infographic that stands out–and that proves that infographic are, indeed, still relevant.

This infographic offers eight ways for coming up with unique infographic ideas.