As consumers continue to embrace the digital world in growing numbers, many businesses lag behind in their efforts to keep up with customers changing habits. By adapting your business model to take advantage of the many digital opportunities available, you can leap ahead of your competitors.

In the digital age, there are plenty of creative ways in which you can engage your business with prospective customers. If you are new to digital, experienced or are unsure how to apply digital best practices to your business, then I encourage you to do your research first and map out a clearly defined plan.

While marketers can strategize an advertising plan based on existing technology and consider the most popular sites and ways of delivering information, the same plan is unlikely to be as viable a few years later. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to dedicate enough staff and resources to digital marketing.

This gifographic highlights 7 ways digital marketing can help your business and hopefully will encourage you to engage with digital tech, tools and ideas. What other creative digital marketing ideas can you come up with and how will you apply them to your business?

Here are 7 ways Digital marketing can benefit your business.