computer hacking into a laptop

You’ve probably heard a lot about cyber attacks over the past year. Big companies like Sony, Staples, Xbox, and Playstation all have been compromised recently.

You may be thinking to yourself, how is this possible? They have large budgets and entire teams of experts whose job it is to protect the company from these attacks.

How The Hackers Get In

Despite what we watch in the movies you may be surprised that most hackers do not force their way into company servers.

A 2012 study found that 91% of cyber attacks begin with email. Who hasn’t gotten those emails from strangers telling us we are about to inherit millions of dollars from a foreign relative.

Studies show that the biggest vulnerability to a business are untrained employees. With corporate emails being so easy to figure out, hackers can easily email employees to get the information they need to get inside. This explains why major corporations with top of the line defense systems are still being hacked.

How To Keep Your Business Safe From Hackers

Since employees can be a major vulnerability some companies are going above and beyond to make sure their employees do not put the company at risk.

Twitter has started sending it’s employees fake emails to see if they will fall for common scams. Nothing solidifies a learning experience like getting your hand caught in the cookie jar.

So what can employees do to keep a company safe? The company SolarWinds recently put this list of tips together to make it much harder for companies to be compromised.

Simple Cyber Security Tips

Simple Cyber Security Tips from SolarWinds

How Are You Staying Safe in 2015?

In a digital world, keeping your business safe form cyber attacks is vital. What tips are you using to keep your business safe?

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