The social media marketing space is constantly evolving and as large and small brands leverage their presence on social media, they need be prepared to face a crisis situation. However, even though companies are using social media to promote their products, not many are using it as a crisis management resource, says a recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Recently, a lot of brands have been backlashed by the hands of consumers for their wrong approach towards social media marketing. Usually, these incidences were a result of brand strategies that involved encashing anniversaries. The latest being the 9/11’s 12th anniversary that saw many brand themed adverts, including telecommunications company AT&T promoting the new Blackberry, Marriott Hotels and Tumbledown Trails Golf Course offering promotions, that saw Twitter outrages.

But the new age consumer is no longer just going to share his views or grievances, he is going to make sure he is being heard. The British Airways social media crisis situation is one such example where a customer bought promoted tweets to complaint against the airline’s customer service. However, British Airways’ lack of prompt response resulted in a grave crisis situation for the airlines. Brand’s, therefore, need to be ready when such situation hits them. One study shows 52% Twitter users expect a response within two hours and not many industries are quick enough to respond. Retail industry is the leader in providing customer service on social media, while industries like Financial services and Technology lack behind.

This infographics by Webfluenz is to help you take 7 effective and easy steps to manage social media crisis by integrating social media monitoring tools into your overall strategy. Having a monitoring and analytics tool can always help you be on the top of crisis, monitor your situation closely, engage and manage people.

Of course, you need to alter the plan based on your situation.

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