Year after year, more and more people are joining social media networks to interact not only with their families and friends but also with the brands they love and follow – all remotely and in real-time. For forward-thinking businesses, this digital age where social status updates, tweets, likes and hashtags are thriving and just waiting to gathered and analyzed presents a bigger opportunity for them to expand and grow their business online than ever before.

Social media marketing has made great advances in recent years, transforming it into a mere fad into one of the most indispensable tools in marketing these days. Almost all social media sites have made audience targeting more precise and measuring content engagement more accurate, making it an ideal content distribution channel as well. However, unlike other tactics in digital marketing, the trends in this platform rapidly shift and change in less than a year, so keep updated with it is a must if you want to succeed using it.

From new features on various social media platforms to increasing need for a unique ephemeral content strategy, many trends are emerging in the world of the social media marketing industry. Moreover, to ensure that your social media marketing plan is up to date, having a strong footing on these latest developments is now a must. Here are the key takeaways from the infographic below from Digital Marketing Philippines, which details the top trends that will surely shape the social media marketing landscape in 2019.

  1. Live video will still dominate.
  2. A separate strategy for ephemeral content.
  3. Continued rise of messaging apps and chatbots.
  4. Social listening for lead generation and social selling.
  5. The need for more meaningful content experience.
  6. The rise of social TV.
  7. Focus on striking balance between personalization and privacy.

Check out the full infographic below to learn more about the latest trends in social media marketing.

7 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2019

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