The mobile just keeps growing and growing getting stronger and more valuable as it does.

The trusty old mobile phone can now do so many more jobs than just phone and text, video, email, play games, play music, access the web the list goes on and on as it’s importance gets bigger and bigger.

However some people are still reluctant to believe in the importance of mobile and think it is just a fad, so here are just 7 reasons why mobile is so important and why your business needs to be mobile.

1. We can’t leave home without it

Our mobile phone now does not leave our side – wherever we go it goes. Man’s best friend used to be a dog but I believe all that might have changed.

Nielsen have found out that 91% of us have our mobiles within arm’s reach 24/7, no other marketing channel can get close to that.

2. Your message will get read

Mobile can almost guarantee your message will get read, 98% of all text messages get read and on average text messages are read within 5 seconds. (Frost & Sullivan)

3. Mobile is more personal

Competition is now so fierce in every sector and the choice is so vast that most consumer purchases will now come down to service.

When it comes down to service we all want to made to feel special – personalised relevant text messages can make your consumers feel special.

4. It’s how people want to communicate

You cannot walk down the street without seeing someone using their phone, they are in use everywhere.

It’s estimated that 91% of the earth’s population has a mobile phone. (Super monitoring)

5. It’s cost effective

Some people are still under the illusion that mobile marketing is only available for the big brands and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that mobile marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of getting your across to your customers.

It’s simple, fast and affordable.

6. It’s how they will be contacting you

People searching for businesses on mobiles has gone up 500% in the last 2 years (Google) and with 9 out of 10 mobile searches leading to action (Search Engine Land) it makes perfect sense to contact them through their point of contact.

7. Mobile is only going one way – up

Mobile is the only media consumption that is on the rise. (eMarketer)

TV 2009 – 45% 2012 – 38%

Online 2009 – 25% 2013 – 20%

Radio 2009 – 17% 2012 – 12%

Print 2009 – 9% 2013 – 4%

Mobile 2009 – 4% 2013 – 20%

Source: Text Marketer

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